Service facility

​You can entrust your vehicle with your authorised service partners not only for routine maintenance, but also in the event of a technical defect or damage to your vehicle during an accident.

Service inspections

In order to keep your vehicle in good condition over the long term, you should take it for regular service inspections at a ŠKODA authorised service partner. You can find information about service intervals in the Service Book, which is an inseparable part of the on-board literature in your ŠKODA vehicle.

Preparation for vehicle testing and emissions measurement

​Prepare your vehicle for the state technical inspection and measurement of emissions at an authorised ŠKODA service partner. If problems are discovered, you can immediately have them eliminated. Therefore, you will have absolute certainty that your vehicle is perfectly prepared for both the technical inspection and its operation.

Oil change

Don’t put the regular oil and filter change off. Quality oils and ŠKODA Genuine oil filters from your authorised service partner will guarantee you a smooth running, long lasting engine.

ŠKODA Express Service

For selected service tasks (such as oil changes, replacement of brake discs, etc.) your authorised ŠKODA service partner can offer repairs while you wait. For truly fast repairs, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance.  

Battery service

Your car battery must be in perfect condition not only during the demanding winter season. Have its condition checked at your authorised ŠKODA service partner.

Car washing and interior cleaning

If you wish, by agreement your authorised ŠKODA service partner can wash your car for you and clean its interior. So your car will look good, as well as being technically sound.

Seasonal offers

So that your vehicle is well prepared for the new driving season, your authorised ŠKODA service partner is preparing a seasonal campaign with an attractive and advantageous offering of services, ŠKODA Genuine Parts and Accessories.

Air conditioning service

Pay attention to the air conditioning in your vehicle and enjoy comfort on your journeys in any weather. Your authorised ŠKODA service partner will provide you with complete servicing of your air conditioning, will carry out a tightness test of it and will check its functions and operating pressure or measure the amount of coolant. If necessary, it will also add coolant or clean the air conditioning system with a special solution.

Geometry of vehicle axles

Improper geometry of your axles can cause unequal wearing of the tyres on your vehicle and worsen driving conditions. Therefore, you should have it tested and adjusted at your authorised ŠKODA service partner. This will give you certainty that all of the work has been performed exactly according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

ŠKODA Genuine Parts

When replacing parts, you will have an assurance from your authorised ŠKODA service partner that only ŠKODA Genuine Parts are used, which are identical to those used during the production of your vehicle. ŠKODA guarantees their safety, reliability and long life.

Body and paintwork service

Your authorised ŠKODA service partner will remove damage to the body and painted surfaces of your vehicle. It will do so based on the technical guidelines set by the manufacturer and with the use of ŠKODA Genuine Parts.

ŠKODA Clever Repair

Do not worry about major consequences of minor accidents. For any minor damage to the body, front glass, upholstery or plastic components, your authorised ŠKODA service partner can repair the damaged parts without the need to replace them.