ŠKODA product warranties

We provide the following warranties for ŠKODA vehicles, Genuine Parts and Genuine Accessories (under the warranty terms):

3 year/90.000 km warranty for new ŠKODA vehicles

The detailed warranty terms are specified in the Service Book, which is an inseparable part of the on-board literature for the vehicle.

Extended Warranty

for 1 years or in a limit of 30,000 driven kilometres

ŠKODA AUTO offers the Extended Warranty, which when certain conditions are fulfilled covers the same extent of defects as a standard two-year warranty.

By purchasing a new ŠKODA vehicle with the Extended Warranty, you will gain certainty that during the selected warranty period you will not be surprised by any unexpected expenses related to repairs of your vehicle, and you will be able to use every kilometre of your journeys without having to worry about anything.

The Extended Warranty can be arranged for a specific purchased new vehicle, and upon the subsequent sale of a used vehicle, its next owner can take advantage of it as well. Therefore, it is a reliable way to increase the value of the vehicle during its resale.