Twindoor, a unique benefit for the new Superb

We talked to Eckhard Scholz, the member of the Škoda board of directors responsible for technical development, about the successful premiere of the new Superb at the Geneva Motor Show.

The first question could not be anything else. How was the world premiere of the new Superb at the group evening, which was held in Geneva on the eve of this year’s international motor show, and how was the new model received by the motoring journalists invited?

The reception was fantastic. The reporters were enthusiastic about not only the design and elegant shapes of the new model, but also the quality of the workmanship and the materials used. The large internal space also attracted their attention. But they were naturally most attracted by the original Twindoor system for opening the fifth door. And I think they were enthusiastic about the new Superb’s value for money.
(note: the new model’s prices start at CZK 619,000, for the basic version with a 1.4 TSI/92kW engine).

On both the press days the greatest interest at the Škoda stand was in the Twindoor system. Have you received any reaction to the new technical feature from the competition or, for example, from your colleagues at the VW group?
Yes, we have obviously received a reaction and with pleasure I can tell you that it was very positive. The reactions of colleagues from the group were also very positive, but we have known them for some time, because they had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new Superb earlier during many test drives.

Do you think that the Twindoor system will be used by other brands in the group, or will we even see it on some competitors’ cars?
No, we really don’t think so, on the contrary. The Twindoor system should be a unique sales benefit for the new Superb, so we don’t want the unique system to be used on other group models or even on competing brands.

Do you personally have any signals indicating how the new Škoda Superb will do with customers?
It’s hard to answer that question at this moment, but I am personally convinced that the new Superb will be very successful. In particular when customers themselves see what a great car they are getting for their money. I am very optimistic in this respect.

Can you tell visitors to our website something about the new Superb that is not yet that well known or hasn’t been in the media much?
Obviously, we could look at the electronic system for setting the seats to the bed position. It is not in the range of accessories for the new Superb, but its implementation is no problem from the technical viewpoint, so in the event there is interest, there will be no problem offering this accessory to customers.

It works like this: If you decide on the bed position, all you have to do is remove the headrest from the front rest and press a button in the rear side doors. The front seat automatically shifts to the end position (towards the instrument panel) and the rest moves down, towards the rear seat, creating a comfortable bed. The system’s activity is signalled by green flashing diodes in the plastic opening covers for the headrest.

  Seats adjustment – to create comfortable beds, all you have to do is remove the headrest from the front rest and press a button in the rear side doors.