The first serially manufactured Superb

The first serially manufactured Superb rolls of the production line. Today Škoda Auto launched the serial production of the new generation Superb at its plant in Kvasiny.

“The decision to produce a vehicle in the mid to upper range has opened new boundaries for Škoda and significantly contributed to the increase in its prestige. The new Superb brings a fresh outlook to vehicles in the mid to upper range. We believe that customers will undoubtedly be very enthusiastic when they see the spacious interior, the variable design of opening the rear fifth door, and the outstanding performance ratio the car represents,” said Horst Mühl, the member of the Board of Directors of Škoda Auto responsible for Production and Logistics.

The Škoda Superb has its origin in the hundred-year old history of the company. The first vehicles bearing this name were produced in years 1934-1949. Škoda Auto was manufacturing  the modern Superb since 2001. As well as the plant in Kvasiny the first generation of the car was also assembled in Ukraine, India, Bosnia and Kazakhstan. In total 133,955 luxury limousines of this name had rolled off the production line by March of this year.

Three petrol and three diesel engines will be available for the new Škoda Superb, and as well as manual gearboxes the offer will include automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive. The assembly of the new generation of the Škoda Superb will be introduced to partner plants in India and Ukraine as early as this year.