Demand for Škoda vehicles has increased

Škoda Auto reinforces its positions in its home market as well as abroad. More than three hundred thousand Škoda cars has been delivered to customers since the beginning of this year.

Škoda Auto delivered nearly as many vehicles over the first five months of 2008 as it had over the first six months of 2007. Altogether 301,521 customers have bought a Škoda vehicle since the beginning of this year, 18.4% more than last year.

Despite the generally difficult situation and the overall automotive market slump in Western Europe, Škoda Auto's sales in this region have grown by 1.5 % as compared with the same period of last year, reaching 144,919 vehicles in total.

With 19,236 vehicles delivered to customers since January (+79.2 %), the sales in Russia have almost doubled; the sales in the neighbouring Ukraine also grew significantly over the first five months of 2008 (12,949 vehicles, +48.9%). Despite increasingly tough competition, Škoda Auto's sales in the home market show a 2.4% increase year-on-year (26,088 vehicles in total).

Furthermore, Škoda Auto reports a significant increase in the sales of the Škoda Fabia. The success of the new-generation model is one of the main reasons why the January-May sales of this line grew by 12.6% as compared with the same period of last year, reaching altogether 111,569 vehicles. The sales results of the Škoda Octavia keep growing on 37 % and the cumulative sales have reached 121,728 vehicles.

“We are doing well in terms of accomplishing our plan to sell seven hundred thousand vehicles in 2008, and believe that this positive trend will be a good impulse for the launch of the new-generation Superb,“ said Fred Kappler, BOD Member responsible for sales and marketing.