Octavia carrying sportsmen and guests in Beijing

The automaker Škoda has been a partner of the Czech Olympic committee since 1992 and this year, as a part of the VW group, it also became the official automobile partner of the XXIX. Olympic Games in Beijing.

A total of 650 Škoda Octavias (in the Chinese version) known as the Octavia Mingrui, are available to the organising committee at the Olympic games for transfers of sportsmen and their support staff.

The Volkswagen group has prepared a pavilion entitled the “Olympic Show Case” for all visitors to the Olympic games, and it is close to the “Bird’s Nest.” Here visitors can get to know the Škoda brand and its history, for example through the “Monte Carlo” Škoda Popular and a car currently produced by the automaker in China—the Octavia Mingrui.

After the end of the Olympic games, the Škoda Octavia cars will also be used by participants in the Paralympics, for which Škoda Auto is also the official automobile partner.