Škoda GreenLine models at IAA 2007

Even before the beginning of the discussions about climate, Škoda Auto had committed itself to environmental compatibility.

Economically operating engines with low emission figures, material usage which makes best use of resources and manufacturing processes with the optimized use of energy are the cornerstones for a harmonious relationship between automobile and nature, something which the company is attempting to achieve.

The next step on this path is that involving fuel consumption optimised versions which, under the name of GreenLine, will form a family of their own in the program of models. Thanks to a number of measures undertaken, a targeted value of CO2-emission values of 110 g/km have been set for the Fabia.

Here, aerodynamic measures carried out on the bodywork are taking effect together with an engine control device with altered characteristic curves will be implemented and the transmission of the gears will be extended. Reduction in weight and fitting out with smooth-running tyres also help to save fuel and to protect the environment.

The second arrow in the quiver which is aimed at environmental pollution is the FlexFuel concept. Here, petrol and ethanol are mixed with one another as fuel, whereby the fuel produced from wood residue or other plant substances can count for up to 85% of the ratio mixture.

A car driven with this mixture has an almost balanced CO2 value, the exhaust gases created by the combustion are cancelled out by photosynthesis during the plant growth.

Škoda Auto will export an Octavia FlexFuel fitted out for operation with ethanol to Sweden in December as, in this country, the infrastructure for the supply of ethanol is already well developed. The Octavia FlexFuel will be powered by a 1.6 MPI engine which produces 75 kW (102 HP).